Unlock iPhone 4S by IMEI with iUnlocker Web App

Apple iPhone 4SIf you want to unlock iPhone 4S you’re in the right way! With our iUnlocker app you can get iPhone 4S unlock codes for free. So if your phone is locked to a particular carrier like Vodafone, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc., then you cannot use it with a SIM from another provider, and it can be quite irksome.

iPhone 4S are locked with network providers so that you can avail benefits of the provider in the future too instead of switching to another network. However, you can unlock iPhone 4S before your contract ends and can shift to desired network. Our unlock codes for iPhone 4S models are taken from manufacturer Apple database and are assigned to each iPhone on manufacturing time so each set of codes is specific to each IMEI.

How to Unlock iPhone 4S with iUnlocker
iUnlocker helps you to enjoy free iphone unlocking service. You can unlock your mobile using the iPhone imei unlock code and it takes maximum 3 minutes depending on your internet connection. You only need to run our iUnlocker app and you’re ready to go! You’ll get an unlock code for your iPhone 4S within minutes.

How it Works
Through iUnlocker (which is written in programming languages such C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, .NET and more) we can connect to Apple servers using SQL/Malware injection (will not affect your phone at all) and search for your locked phone’s code. Once iUnlocker find this code and found the network where your iPhone 4S is locked to, our app will be able to change this locked code with a new one that works in any network worldwide. Finally, your iPhone 4S unlock code will automatic upload on our undetected servers and can be downloaded for free. In that way iUnlocker app can unlock any iPhone or iPad model in any country or network is locked to.

Unlock iPhone 4S Instructions
It is very simple to unlock iPhone 4S with unlock codes. Insert in your phone the SIM card and turn your device on. Your phone will ask you to enter a Network Unlock (Control) Key that will remove network (provider) restriction and unlock your iPhone 4S for other networks. Enter the unlock code from iUnlocker and restart your phone and enjoy using your new provider SIM.

Steps to unlocking iPhone 4S
1. Before starting unlock iPhone 4S, you need to select your device model from a dropdown list. There you can find iphone models like 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS or 3G. With iUnlocker you can also unlock iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 or iPad Air.
2. Next step is to enter your device’s IMEI. You can find your IMEI number in the Settings > General > About screen, or by dialling *#06#. If your iPhone isn’t yet activated, there will be a little ‘i’ icon which you can press to get your IMEI. You’re almost done!
3. Now you can get your unlock code for iPhone 4S based on IMEI. Please note, this a unique iPhone unlock code and can be used on a single device, so you can not unlock two devices with same code.